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Ascend Capital Group (ACG) is a leader in serving the M&A needs of sellers in the middle-market. We enable our clients to leverage changing business environments by helping them create the widest possible set of options, and supporting them with services required for the timely, successful completion of the M&A process. Because each client is unique, we provide the personal attention and custom approach of a local firm. Yet our ability to deliver advantages to each client is strengthened by our knowledge of and access to global markets.

ACG maximizes opportunities and profitability for all middle-market players and maintains strict confidentiality among all parties.


Other Services


For sellers, we provide guidance in business growth, identify factors that may adversely affect business value and suggesting corrective measures. Our ultimate objective is assisting owners in selling their business at the appropriate time, under conditions that meet their personal and financial goals. It is not unusual for ACG to begin consulting with a seller well in advance of the final sale.

Click here for a detailed overview of our M&A Process.

As your M&A specialist, ACG will save you substantial time, money and effort. We will work for you according to the systematic approach and time schedule presented in section II or as modified in our later discussions. ACG will bring a cohesiveness to the entire process, from gathering market information to identifying synergistic candidates, preparing the CBR, handling correspondence, coordinating the consulting teams, negotiating with prospective buyer candidates and conducting all requisite work necessary to consummate the transaction.

Our commitment to the M&A process will enable you to avoid innumerable potential problems, such as breach of confidentiality, the divulgence of trade secrets and client list without proper protection, and under valuation of assets.  Our objective is to cast a wide net to include a great number of pre-qualified buyer candidates, and even though we prepare an Opinion of Value for your company, we do not share that information with potential buyers; the market will ultimately determine the price.


  • Engage experts in all aspects of mergers, acquisitions, formulation of strategy

  • Maximize company value with particular emphasis on deal structure

  • Provide sophisticated market research and in-depth market knowledge

  • Generate multiple qualified buyer leads and Letters of Intent 

  • Maintain confidentiality throughout the process 

  • Consult with professional advisors to facilitate transaction

  • Systematic approach to national and international marketing, through proprietary databases for marketing purposes

  • Enlist team of dedicated intermediaries that demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism and ethics

If you are serious about selling your company, we strongly urge you to seek our professional guidance in the process.

Ascend Capital Group’s team would be pleased to represent you as a client, and as such, to represent you in maximizing the economic reward you deserve.



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